Sticker & Label Remover


A great sticker and label remover. Recommended and check our Youtube video!

Sold in 45 ml. Video :

This is a strong acetone solvent to remove unwanted price labels, labels and price tag.

Strong and quick. Colorless and no residue.


Step 1 : Get cotton swab

Step 2 : Dip in solvent

Step 3 : Rub on back of the package or onto the sticker

Step 4: Wait for 1 minutes and peel.


Repeat if nessasary if the glue quality is strong.


Note : Solvent will dried off in 5 minutes and do not leaves any stain. Do not try on waxed item, as it may downgrade the wax layer. Tricks : Always rub the solvent on the back side of the package to avoid direct damage on the packaged printed wax. Used under adult supervision and not to consumed as it may post health hazard.


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