We care. We ship. This is how we get the things’ done!

Thank you for reaching this page. We would like to share on how we handle things www.haha.com.my or at our store at shopee.com.my/bytes00

  1. When a user selects an item, she may message us for some clarification or requests. Yes, we do apply and our responce time would be maximum 1 day depending on the message raised.
  2. When a user buys a item, please do take note that some items can’t be bundled due to shipping options. And for some great promo items, it may require a seperate shipping options.
  3. We do ship out items in 48 hours. Should an item which is not avaliable locally, the buyer will be advised accordingly.
  4. Please do take note that our inventory time of replenishing stocks time cuts-off at 4.30 pm of the particular date. Order received by our side after 4.30 pm may be processed no later by 24 hours of the order received.
  5. We guarantee that all parcel packed and shipped out will be take a great care and labled with ‘Fragile’ sticker. On some occasions, the wrapper will be wrapped with cinet citronella oil (safe for human/natural) to ward of pests.